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Search by part number is currently the only form of search of our database.

To search for a part, simply enter the exact part number in the box and click submit.

Not all of the available parts are in our computerized database.  Call us if you do not get a hit on your search

Part Number:

Part Number Formats:

Conn:   Use a 5 digit number with a three digit suffix.  If only 5 digits are listed add a -001 suffix. (e.g. 12345-789)

Kimball:   Uses a three digit classification code followed by a dash with a three or four digit number a dash and then a two digit version number with possibly a letter following.  (e.g. 390-061-01 or 100-521-00A).  Note that a part number such as 100-521-00A may be (and probably is) a totally different part than 100-521-00, so be careful!

Lowrey:    Uses a system similar to Kimball .  A three digit classification code with a dash then six digits a dash and three digits. (e.g. 991-028740-002).

Thomas:    Uses a system similar to Kimball.  A two digit classification code with a dash followed by a four or five digit number a dash and a single digit. (e.g. 13-5058-6).  

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