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Kimball Organ Model Information

Swinger 1600 Series

Service Manual: 390-062-01   Cost: US$18.00

Owner's Manual: 390-051-00  Cost: US$10.00

Year of Manufacture: 1971-1974

Suggested Retail Price: Unknown

The 1600 Series Kimball Organs included the following specific models:


Cabinet Style and Finish

1640 Walnut Theatre
1642 Contemporary Walnut



Two 61 note inclined and overhanging keyboards
25 note radial pedalboard
Color coded tongue tabs
All four families of organ voices
Chorus control
Electronic Keying
All Solid State circuitry
Complete Modular construction with over 30 plug in circuits
Reverberation in three stages
Pedal and Manual balance accent tabs
Two Degrees of Vibrato
Solo Cancel tab
Three preset voices
Two degrees of sustain on all solo and percussion voices
Repeat selector (Solo or Percussion)
Variable Repeat Speed
Magic Tone Selector - Vibrato, Razz, Wood Block, Sustain, Pitch
Heavy duty "Main" speaker system (1 - 12" and 1 - 8")
17" rotor and 10" speaker for tremolo channel (Flutes and Tibias)
Two - 75 watt peak power amplifier (150 watts total)
Pedal Sustain
Leg levelers
Brass Mute affecting all sounds produced
String bass with automatic decay circuit
Instant Response Keying
Stereo Headphone Jack
Cassette input and output plug for instant connection of stereo recorder with all functions including recorder power voltage



Pedal - Pedal "f", Major Bass 16', Bourdon 16', Flute 8', String Bass 8', Pedal Sustain

Accompaniment - String-Reed "f", Flute "f", Diapason 8', Flute 8', Concert Flute 8', String 8', Reed 8', Flute 4'

Generals - Vibrato Light, Vibrato Full, Chorus, Tremolo Fast/Slow, Sustain Short, Sustain Long, Reverb I, Reverb II

Percussion - Solo Cancel, Vibes, Piano, Banjo

Solo - Tibias "f", Tibia 16', Tibia 8', Tibia 4', Piccolo 2', String-Reed "f", Cello 16', Violin 8', String 4', Sax 16', Trombone 16', Clarinet 8', Oboe 8', Brass Mute


Programmed Rhythm Patterns:

Waltz Rock 'n Roll Samba
Slow Rock March Mambo
Foxtrot Tango Rhumba
Swing Bosa Nova Beguine


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