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Kimball Organ Model Information

700 Series

Service Manual: 390-002-08   Cost: US$18.00

Service Manual (Player Unit Only): 390-002-09   Cost: US$15.00

Owner's Manual: 390-001-17   Cost: US$10.00

Year of Manufacture: 1967

Suggested Retail Price: Unknown

The 700 Series Kimball Organs included the following specific models:

With Rhythm

WIthout Rhythm

Cabinet Style and Finish

752 702 Contemporary Walnut
754 704 Early American Maple
760 710 Walnut Theatre



Two 44 note manuals
13 note radial pedalboard
Color coded tabs
All four families of organ voices
Preset reverberation
Variable repeat
Deluxe 3 speaker tone radiation sound system
Leslie speaker built-in
75 watt peak solid state amplifier
Variable pedal sustain
Leg levelers
Manual balance control



Pedal - Major Bass 16', String Bass 8'

Accompaniment - Flute 8', Diapason 8', String 8', Reed 8'

Generals - Vibrato, Reverb, Leslie, Chorus, Repeat

Solo - Tibia 16', Tibia 8', Tibia 4', Violin 8', Sax 16', Clarinet 8', Oboe 8'


Programmed Rhythm Patterns:

Waltz Dixieland Western Rock N' Roll
Slow Rock Bosa Nova Fox Trot Swing
Tango Beguine Rhumba Samba
Mambo Cha-Cha Shuffle March


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