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Music for the Millions


Van Allen Bradley


Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 57-9231

Published by Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, Illinois 1957

334 Pages

We have a few used copies available for US$20.00 each





1 "Seemed at times he could tear the veil off the future"
2 "He seemed too full of business to make a long stop here
3 "The panic of 1857 had a musical accompaniment"
4 "The point to arrive at is a large volume of trade"
5 "He knew the true....value of a name of a fall board"
6 "There is scarcely a hamlet in the West which has not felt the touch of his gentle influence"
7 "The silk hat gentry of the young and lusty city frequented the Kimball store"
8 "Mr Cone was in the store...playing the Dead March from 'Saul' on a dulcimer"
9 "He has such an army of workers and such a brand of goods as to defy all competition"
10 "With a remarkable insight into human character, he has surrounded himself with men who idolize him"
11 "I must manufacture my goods or go out of business"
12 "He turned intuitively to the human resources within the family as he strengthened the sinews of the organization"
13 "If he starts a piano factory in Chicago...he will become a more formidable rival than ever"
14 "You've done it, Governor!  The tone of this piano is marvelous in every respect"
15 Adelina Patti: "It gives me great pleasure to testify to the merits of the new Kimball piano"
16 "They must undoubtedly serve to give the pipe organ a new mission in musical art"
17 The Prairie Avenue chateau.  "One is easily convinced that Kimball paid a million dollars to build it"
18 "And if my congregation don't like it they can go to hell"
19 "For having attained the highest standard of excellence in all branches of their manufacture"
20 "You will take a Kimball piano, a sandwich and one pint of old rye!"
21 "They can build a better pipe organ for a given sum of money than any other builder"
22 "Kimballville! All out for Kimballville!"
23 Conway: "A power in the business life of Chicago and a Hercules in the Western music trade"
24 "The great business built up by his sagacity is the best monument to the genius that distinguished his career"
25 "It was amazing!  People would rush into the store and say, "This is mine! This is mine"
26 "Anyone without musical knowledge can play the instrument"
27 The Old Guard: "It was one of C. N. Kimball's great sources of strength"
28 Curtis N. Kimball: "He leaves us all richer in spirit and experience for having known him"
29 "The House of Kimball is now at war"
30 "The greatest challenge the company has ever had"
31 "The largest and costliest factory built in the piano industry since the decline of the player"


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