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Kimball Organ Model Information

Z50 with MusicPlus Computer

Year of Manufacture: 1984

Suggested Retail Price: US$5,000


Cabinet Style and Finish

Z50 Pecan



Two 44 note manuals
13 note pedalboard
Pitch Knee Lever
Single Channel Amplifier
12" Speaker
Lid Lights
Chord and Keynote Indicators
Downbeat Indicator
Headphone Jack
Matching Upholstered Bench



Pedal - The Pedal Voice is preset

Accompaniment -  Flute 8', Diapason/Piano 8', String/Guitar 8'

Generals - Pedal Sustain, Solo Sustain Short, Solo Sustain Long, Delay Vibrato, Vibrato, Tibia Tremolo Fast/Slow

Solo - Tibia 16', Tibia 8', Tibia 4', Piccolo 2', Violin 8', Trumpet 16', Clarinet 16'

Syntha II Brass - Syntha II Solo, Sax 16', Trumpet 16', Trombone 16'

Special Effects - Piano, Banjo, Marimba, Solo Flute, Solo Violin, Accordion, Hawaiian Guitar

Swinging Fingers - Piano, Banjo


Programmed Rhythm Patterns:

Waltz Slow Rock 6/8 March Country
Swing March Rock 'n Roll Disco
Bossa Nova Tango Samba Salsa


MusicPlus Computer Specfications:

16K ROM Operating System
48K User RAM
ROM Cartridge Port
Program Start Button
Hexadecimal Keypad for MusicPlus computer control
Cassette Interface
Built-in high resolution monitor - green phosphor
Composite Video output (on DIN connector to feed modulator
Includes three cartridges:  Learning Program Session I, Musical Games Keyflash, Special Features Program Demo

Click here for a list of other cartridges that are available


Dimensions:    43" W x 22 1/4" D x 42" H  Weight: 193 lbs


 Kimball™ is a registered trademark of Kimball International, Jasper, Indiana

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