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Excerpted from "Music for the Millions"

Readers of Van Allen Bradley's literary column in the Chicago Daily News and other dailies throughout the country have long been aware of his special interest in books dealing with the American scene, past and present.  WIth Music for the Millions, Bradley demonstrates that in this particular field he is as talented an author as he is a commentator.

From his boyhood, Bradley has been surrounded by books and writing.  Born in Alabama in 1913, he attended Harding College in Arkansas, where he edited the school newspaper.  After graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1933, he served with various newspapers before becoming literary editor of the Daily News in 1948.  For the last five years he has been an editorial writer for that newspaper.

In addition to his other activities, Bradley is president of his Board of Education in Lincolnwood, Illinois.  He has taught writing and editing at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University.  In 1956, he received the Chicago Foundation for Literature Award for "exceptional service to literature."


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