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Direct Replacement Amplifier and Power Supply for Lowrey TL-, TP-, TS-, HR-, and Story & Clark SC- Series Amps - No Rewiring Needed!!

KS-AMP Amplifier Power Supply

  • Directly Replaces the Old Germanium or Silicon Style Amplifier/Power Supply Assembly
  • 50 Watts of Low Distortion Audio Output
  • Produces All Necessary Organ Supply Voltages
  • Includes Turn-On Delay and Instant Off for Quiet Operation
  • Uses Existing Organ Input Cable Connectors
  • Includes Five Fuses to Protect Against Shorts, Component Overheating and Subsequent Failure
  • LED Indicators for Onboard Pre-Amp Supplies
  • One Year Warranty on Parts and Workmanship 

Amplifier/Regulator Board




  • HR/HR10

  • H25R (Bass Amp)



  • TPL

  • TPS

  • TP-10/TP-10R          

  • TP-44/TP-44R

  • TS-88/TS-88R

  • TSO-25 (Bass Amp)

  • SC50


  • SC60

  • SC75/SC75R

  • SC76R

  • SC100

  • SC110

  • SC110R/SC110T

  • SC120R/SC120T

  • SC120-1/SC120R-1

  • SC130/SC130-1

  • SC250


Only US$440.00 plus shipping

(MSRP, dealer price available to qualified businesses)

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